Core Values

Core Values

Promotes the Value of Sharing

What many might not realize is that each of us has something to share no matter how small. At the Center, we embolden everyone to observe the attitude and habit of sharing. We begin by not only sharing the Word of God but also expedite the transfer of knowledge, values and the material to the poor, the children and the marginalized.

Corollary to embodying our concerns, The Center has formulated various programs and activities that adhere to the promotion of the value of sharing.

Sapat Na Principle

We believe that in order to stand by our commitment to the people and the environment, we have to adopt and encourage the “Sapat Na Principles,” starting in the Center and eventually to the larger communities.


• Sapat na ang pagkasira ng kalikasan. (Enough of the destruction of the environment.

• Sapat lamang ang dapat kunin mula sa kalikasan. (Take from nature only that which is enough)

• Sapat lamang ang dapat kainin at bilhin. (Eat and buy only what is enough and needed)

• Sapat dapat mayroon ang bawat isa sa kaniyang mga pangangailangan upang mabuhay nang malusog at may dangal. (Each person must have enough to sustain a healthful and dignified life)

Zero Waste
(Environmental Management System)

In the fields of social psychology and biology, a theory was coined denoting that connecting with nature is essential for a healthy human existence. Thus, when we advance for human dignity and well-being, this also involves the safeguarding of our environment.

The Center for the Poor develops ecological programs with a greater focus on zero waste management with the use of Bokashi Technology. The Bokashi composting converts the waste from homes into organic fertilizers in a cost-efficient and convenient manner. In the Center, the fertilizer goes a long way for farming and planting activities.

Simple Lifestyle


Minimizing the unnecessary complexity that causes chaos and choosing peace, quiet and clarity is oftentimes the key to happiness and contentment. This complements or is even a necessary consequence of the putting the other Core Principles into practice.

A simple lifestyle does not equate to over simplistic lifestyle, it implies living with only what is necessary, making a wise use of the natural elements and minimizing one’s wastes. In the Center for the Poor, people are taught to learn about the following, to be able to achieve the simple, yet meaningful lifestyle :
• Food Serving
• Accommodation
• Programs & Activities

Serve the Poor and have Gospel, will travel!